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Written by  Bishop Tayo Odunuga
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MATT.10:1, 5-8
Ministry is a divine assignment given to man for the expansion of Christ Kingdom among men. Every Ministry directly or indirectly must include a redemptive programme. We have various aspects of Ministry, these includes Evangelism, Discipleship, Healing, Deliverance, Music & Worship, Missions, Prayers, Finance, Preaching, Teaching, Counseling etc.
From the moment you are born again; you are enlisted as a worker in one or two of the several Departments in the Lord’s Vineyard. You are saved to serve. Lk.22:31&32.
The 12 Apostles were assigned the pioneering duties of ministering the Gospel of Salvation principally to the Jews Matt.10:5-10. On the other hand, Paul was sent to minister Salvation to the Gentiles-- Acts. 9:15, Gal. 1: 15&16.

The Apostolic Fathers have areas of specialty.
Paul is known as the Apostle of Faith. Peter is known as the Apostle of HopeJames as the Apostle of Works.    Johnas the Apostle of LoveJude as the Apostle of the defense of the Faith.
God does nothing without purpose. Eccl. 3:1&17. Purpose is broad and all-embracing. For example,
o    The divine purpose for the creation of Man is to bring God praise and pleasure. Isa.43:21, Rev. 4: 11.
o    The purpose of Christ coming is for the redemption and restoration of man; by paying the penalty of sin and restoring man back to God. Jn.3:16, Jn.5:24 & 1Tm.2:3-5.
o    The purpose of living after being saved is that you might become a fruitful Christ Ambassador bringing people to the saving knowledge of Christ through preaching and the practice of Love. Jn.20:21, Matt.5:13-16; 2Cor.5:20.
Within the broad purpose of God, what is your assignment? You must have a vision for purpose.

VISION------is having an insight into God’s mind concerning your future. What you are personally assigned to do and become. Jer.1:5, 29:11.

2 Types of Calling:--
1.     General calling for all Believers in Christ. Mk. 16:15&16. Matt.28:18-20.
2.     Specific calling. Acts. 13:2&3. Individual assignment in the Body of Christ. 1Cor.12:12-17, Rm.12:4-8. Example: - in a Garment factory, it can take 9 different specialists to complete a dress. While one handle the collars, another the sleeves and another the buttons etc.

1.     Divine Enquiry: Acts.9:1-7. The Lord who created you knows what He intended for your life. He is the Lord, your Maker. Ps. 95:6&7.
2.     Intensive prayer for wisdom and direction. Ps. 32:8, Jas.1:5.
3.     Natural Endowment---your talents can be a good pointer to what God wants you to do. Example: - if you desire cracking jokes and making people laugh---you may end up being a comedian or in the Entertainment industry.
b. If you love speaking, you are vocal, out-spoken, an extrovert---You are likely to be a Teacher, Politician.
c. If you are pious, reserved, caring, given to hospitality etc---Pastor, Nurse. While your natural talents are pointers to your calling or assignments, they are not the final determinants. E.g. Moses. Exo.4:10-12. God can overrule. His anointing can erase the weakness & bring empowerment and grace for enablement.
4.   Absolute Faith in God for Success. Pro.3:5-7. Natural talents are never enough. Ecc.9:11. What God requires is your availability and He will supply the capability.
5.   What you love doing. Acts.9:36. Talents is one thing; desire is another. Assignments that bring you joy, enjoyment and pleasure can be an indication to what God desires for your life. Fulfillment is the outcome when you operate in your area of calling.
6.   Divine appointment and responsibility as assigned by your Leaders. The discovery of your giftings and purpose can come through the laying of hands of the Presbytery. 1Tm.4:14, 1Kg.19:15&16; 2Tm.1:6.


1.     DISCOVERY:--From the stated procedures a Christian can discover his purpose and ministerial assignment. Be sure of your discovery. Double check and solicit for more prayers. Judg.6:36-40.
2.     DEVELOPMENT:--In getting set for your assignment you need to develop yourself and your God- given talents.
a.      Preparation and Planning: - 2Chro.27:6. Don’t jump into the job. Good and prayerful preparation prevents poor performance.
b.     Right assessments and calculations are essential for good success---Lk.14:28-30.
c.      Know your job description:--Josh.1:6&11. Joshua assignment was to divide the inheritance and the people (Israelites) to possess the land. Don’t do another man’s work. Let not King Saul perform the duties of Samuel, the Priest. 1Sam13:8&9 don’t break the rank.-Joel2:7. Use not your grace to run another man’s race.
d.     Learn to accept your assignment. Jer.1:5-10, Paul’s mistake. Acts.18:5&6.
e.      Be rightly equipped spiritually & physically. 1Cor.12:7-11, 1Sam.17:40.
f.       The place of Training:--Learning will not destroy the anointing; it will polish and enhance its effectiveness. Your learning determines your earning. 1Tm.4:13, 2Tm.2:15. Be under tutelage, Mentorship & Fatherhood. Discipleship is of extreme importance. Acts.18:24-28, 22:3. E.g. Moses/Joshua, Elijah/Elisha, Paul/Timothy. Don’t circumvent the process, wait for graduation and blessing.
3.     DISPENSE:--When you discover purpose, after adequate preparation and training, begin to fulfill it. Let mankind benefit from your gifting; play your role significantly. Do your best to leave your footprint on the sand of destiny.
Willingness and performance is what God requires. Isa.1:19. Develop the right attitude to accomplish purpose. Jn.4:34, 9:4, Phil.1:21. It is also very essential to build according to pattern. Heb.8:5.
MINISTRY ANALYSED: --Ministry is broad and are interwoven. For example, Pasturing goes beyond preaching and giving sacraments. Pasturing is all-embracing; it involves nurturing, caring, counseling, training, shepherding etc. the Pastor in a community is a Healer, Deliverer, Peacemaker, Adviser, Judge, Connector, Marriage Counselor, Financier, Consultant etc.
(ii)       Ministry in the Market Place:-it is not only those who are called to preach, sing or Pastor a church that are in Ministry. Every Christian in their profession perform their ministry in the Market place e.g. Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Caterers, Nurses, Teachers, Banker, Administrators, Sales Reps, Politicians, Artisans etc. Exod.35:30-35. We are to perform to our optimum best representing the Kingdom well. 2Cor.3:2, 2Cor5:20; Matt.5:16.

You can’t work alone, you need people. No man is self-sufficient. Team work gets the work done faster. Eccl.4:9-12., Lk.10:1&17. Corporate anointing will facilitate the efforts and gives better result. Acts.3:1-8 (Peter & John). Acts.16:25-29 (Paul & Silas).
Synergy & Networking will take the work beyond what personal individual effort will do.

1.     Know what is good & right for you. Acts.6:2, 1Cor6:12&13.
2.     Permit discipline & self-control. 1Cor.9:22-27.
3.     Your habits and daily routine determines your future-Dan.6:10.
4.     Always strive to do what is right.-Micah.6:8
5.     Stay in the area of your calling.
6.     Learn to serve diligently under a master. Jos.1:1&2.
7.     Celebrate & magnify your calling. Rm.11:13, 1Thess. 2:10-12.

1.     Competing & clashing desires of profession and clarity of ambition with Vision.
2.     The deception of delay and postponement. Jn.4:35, Eccl. 11:4.
3.     Inadequate preparation and hasty decisions. Eccl. 3:1, Exo.2:11-15. Moses went out 40years too soon.
4.     The operations of the spirit of Pharaoh—outcome of such is Bondage & Life time enslavement. Exo.3:10, Exo.6:6&7, Gen. 30:30.
5.     The operation of the spirit of Herod. Matt.2:16, Acts.12:1-3 the silencer of the anointed.


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